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Jason Fersaci - 585-794-9492

Geeks & Goons Tattoos

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Hello to all you beautiful people! My name is Jason Fersaci and I am a professional tattoo artist of 24 years. I grew up in Fairport and after years away I am truly excited to be bringing my studio Geeks and Goons Tattoo to the gorgeous Fairport village. I chose the name of my studio because although the vast differences we have as human beings I see tattoos bringing a bond and common ground to people of all different cultures,ages,and wave lengths of life. Besides being able to create this is a huge motivation behind what I do what I do.


I am very passionate about creating unique and meaningful tattoos for my clients. I truly love the collaborative process of picking each others brains to create the perfect life long masterpiece. 


A little about myself my children are my world. I have an amazing 19 year old daughter Haylee who attends college in Buffalo and a incredible 11 yr son Jaxon who is too much like his daddy. When I'm not tattooing I enjoy quality time with family and friends. I love to travel and always look forward to a big adventure. Live music with good friends is my idea of a perfect night. I'm very big into pop culture and most sports and sometimes that trickles into my artistic style.

After years of neglect I made a life changing decision to make my health the most important thing to concentrate on and lost 100 plus lbs. I am very proud of this achievement and now try to help others make that push to a healthier lifestyle. 


I am always looking for new challenges and personally I'm excited to continue evolving in my tattoo career. 

If you're interested in having a tattoo installed from myself please feel free to contact me to schedule a consultation. 

Have a amazing day

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