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Janine Minehan

Hair Stylist

The right hairstylist will be there for some of the most important days in your life. They’ll be there for your baby’s first haircut, they’ll watch your baby grow and get their senior prom updo. That same baby will need someone to calmly walk them through multiple trial runs to perfect their wedding day look, or need a confidence boosting haircut before their first job interview. It’s not just the scissors that you should trust your hairstylist with, it’s really much more than that. 


Trust is something that is earned, and that’s something that Janine Minehan has worked all her life for. Janine has been a professional hairstylist for more than 30 years, mastering her craft in several salons throughout the Finger Lakes region. Janine has the licensing and certification, she continues to take classes to stay updated on the latest trends, she even taught for the L’Oreal Professional Color Line for a while. But even more importantly, Janine has a way of building relationships that is so incredibly important in her field. She treats her clients like family, and has a long list of fiercely loyal clients to prove it. Most have followed her for decades, even traveling across state borders to continue seeing her.


Janine is a true artist. She has the remarkable ability to take your idea and make it a reality. For the big and small moments in life, Janine will help you feel good on the outside, and maybe more importantly, on the inside too.

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